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About Debbie and her Dogs...

I am Debi Durst of Sarius Miniature Schnauzers. I have owned Miniature Schnauzers for over thirty years and I have been showing and breeding them since 1991. Most litters give me show prospect puppies as well as pets. All of my schnauzers are trained as puppies and then go on to become spoiled house pets just because that's the way I want them. I never want to become a large kennel operation. That means that you may have to be placed on a waiting list for a puppy. But I think you will find these little guys well worth the wait. Schnauzers have been written about as "The dogs with the human brain". They are so intelligent and learn to communicate so well with their humans it's amazing. They don't shed and are one of the hypo-allergenic breeds allergists recommend for children with allergies. They are, however, high maintenance. To keep your schnauzer in optimum health and appearance it must be professionally groomed no less than every 6 weeks, and you will need to brush and comb the furnishings on a regular basis.

My  foundation female came from an Obedience Instructor/Breeder in Delaware who also showed his Schnauzers in conformation. I have tried very hard not only to maintain that same level of intelligence and eagerness to please but to improve upon the conformation and health as well. My breeding stock have their eyes checked yearly by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist and I have tried my best to breed away from any inheritable diseases that plague our beloved Schnauzers. I show my dogs in Conformation and own several Champions at the present time. There are other Sarius Schnauzers being shown in Obedience, Rally and there is even one who likes Lure Coursing! What does this mean for you as a pet owner? That you can be assured you will have a healthy puppy that is not only beautiful but easy to train and never hyper or yappy as some can be. My Schnauzers are laid back and very affectionate.

Your puppy comes with an AKC registration and a puppy packet full of instructions and training information. I recommend any puppy be given at the very least a Puppy Kindergarten Course for socialization and basic training skills. When you buy a Sarius Schnauzer you become a part of our family and I will want you to keep in touch. I will enjoy hearing about your successes and trials, and will try to offer advice or help in any way that I can. If at any time during your Schnauzer's life you find yourself unhappy with him or unable to care for him I would appreciate his being returned to me with no questions asked. I would never want any Sarius Schnauzer to find himself in a home where he was merely tolerated and not loved for the wonderful companion he is. Please call or email me with any questions or to be placed on a waiting list for a puppy.

Debi D. Durst
6546 Middleway Pike  Kearneysville, WV 25430
304-725-6794  debi@sariusschnauzers.com