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Meet My Dogs

Click on the photo of the dog to see the pedigree.

From left to right they are: Sarah Jane, Sammy & Spirit
Abralyn's My Sweet Sarah. Sarah was a wonderful Obedience dog but did not care for the Conformation Ring. Where she really shined was in the whelping box. Sarah Jane was never happier than when she had a litter to raise and she was the best little Momma I ever had. Her very first born, Sammy, was my first AKC Champion. Born 6/17/91 she lived her short life only to please others. She died 1/02/01 and has been sorely missed.
CH Sarius Candy Man Can, AKA "Sammy" is an AKC & BKC (Bermuda Kennel Club) Champion. Whelped May 8, 1994, Sammy is no longer being used at stud but we still have frozen semen available to select bitches.

Sarius SweetHot Sinnamon Candy is Sammy's Daughter, whelped September 27, 2002. She was solid black at birth but has faded to a beautiful dark silver. Her Mother was Salt & Pepper.

CH Blythewood Hope O' Sarius was bought from Joan Huber at the tender age of 14 weeks as a show prospect to breed to my Sammy. And show she did! Whelped April 21, 2004 she is a wonderful Momma with a beautiful head and dark black coat that she passes onto all her puppies.

CH Sarius Frosted Midnite Rosebud AKA "Rosie" is Hope and Sammy's Daughter. Whelped July 25, 2005. Rosie is a beautiful petite black and silver who finished quickly on just one coat. She won majors under some very prestigious judges such as Peter Green and Sandra Goose Allen.

Meet the Fonz, AKA Sarius Happy Days Are Here Again, our up and coming stud dog, the coolest little Dude who just reeks of personality. Fonzie never met another creature he didn't like. Hard as nails jet black coat and a beautiful topline. Struts with attitude like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Born 2/11/09, he is now working toward his AKC Championship.

Abralyn's Spirit of Sarius is a black and silver Granddaughter of my foundation female, Sarah. Whelped December 30, 1997, Spirit is now retired from breeding. She has become a much needed and loved therapy dog for my cousin, Karen who has multiple sclerosis.

Debi D. Durst
6546 Middleway Pike  Kearneysville, WV 25430
304-725-6794  debi@sariusschnauzers.com