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Meet MAJESTIC ZANE, FANCY PANTS OF SARIUS. Zane is off to a fantastic start to his show career. He got his first major win at a Specialty show going Best Of Opposite Sex to Best Of Breed on Saturday, May 27, 2017. On Sunday he won Best Of Breed over specials for his 2nd major, and on Monday he did it again going Best Of Breed for his 3rd major. He now has a total of 11 points and three majors all in one single weekend. And he did it as a puppy for he won't be a year old until June 12, 2017. We are very proud of our new little man who was expertly handled by Shawne Imler of Ernheart Kennels.

Zane took a brief exit from the show ring to avoid exposure to an unfortunate outbreak of canine influenza. But he finished his AKC Championship on July 15th, 2017 in NY and will be coming home after his use as a stud dog for the third time since his first birthday on June 12, 2017. We can hardly wait to see his puppies. Thank you Shawne Imler for bringing the best out in Zane for the Judges and all to see.

SARIUS DEVIL WEARS PRADA, completed the requirements for her AKC Championship on June 9, 2013 in New York having won Best Of Breed over Specials the day before in Connecticut. She is presently our newest Champion in a little black dress and we are so very proud of our little fashion queen!

Introducing our newest little Diva, KINGSWAY-SARIUS BLING IT ON aka Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor is off to a great start from the puppy classes. She won the first three shows she entered including a 3 point major from the 9 to 12 month Puppy Class at the Warrenton Kennel Club in Millwood, VA on September 26, 2014. Then the competition got really tough. But she still won Best Puppy In Sweepstakes at the Mount Vernon Miniature Schnauzer Club Specialty Show held in conjunction with the Catonsville Kennel Club Show on October 11, 2014 at Howard County Fairgrounds in West Friendship, MD. Look for Taylor in the Spring of 2015 at the shows with Shawne Imler when she will compete for her AKC Championship Title.

On September 14th, 2014 Dewey and Fenwick owned by Sharon Munshour and Terri Eyer of Frederick, MD earned another scent trial Title. Not only did Dewey and Sharon get a new Title, but they were awarded the coveted ICARIUS AWARD. This is an award that is voted on by the Judges at a trial and must be unanimous. It is awarded to a team that shows great joy in each others company. The team must have an evident relationship and enjoy working with each other. The truly heart-wrenching part of all this is that Dewey is terminally ill at just 9 years old. He has an inoperable tumor that is cutting off blood supply to his back legs and just a few short months ago he could not even walk and had difficulty standing. After receiving therapy and steroids he has fought his way back enough to still be able to work with Sharon and to sometimes play with Fenwick again. To see his amazing improvement go to Now if we could just stop that tumor from growing!

Among the numerousTitles that Dewey and Fenwick have earned are:
Sarius Sir Dewey Lewes RAE, COG, RL1X2, RL2X2, Level 2 AOE, RLV, ARCH, ARCHX, CD-C, NW1, RATI, CW-SP
Sarius Skip To Fenwick Island RE, CGC, Level 1 AOE, RL1X2, RL2X2, RL3, Level 3 AOE, ARCH, ARCHX, CD-C, NW1

Sarius Sir Dewey Lewis owned by Terri Eyer and Sharon Munshower of Frederick, MD just earned his AKC RAE title on November 23, 2013. That is Rally Advanced Excellent, the highest title that can be earned in Rally. WOO-HOO!!! WAY TO GO, DEWEY!!! We are also very proud of Terri and Sharon for all the time and effort they put into training their boys, Dewey and Fenwick.

Fenwick earned Nosework One Title on November 16 at Clearbrook, Va. There was only a 50 percent pass rate for everyone in the class. Owner Terri Eyer is very proud! Congratuations Fenwick!

Tribute to Franklin
by Claudia Weakland

Sarius Buck-A-Roo Franklin
2/18/1998 - 5/30/2013

This writing is in honor of my little buddy, Sarius Buck-A-Roo Franklin. It is my goal to eloquently describe Franklin and somehow bring him to life on paper. Although I realize that in spite of my best effort, I shall sadly fail. It is impossible to do justice to Franklin's memory with pen and ink. Franklin was so special that there are really no words to adequately describe his spirit or the incredible role he played in my life. It will never cease to amaze me how this small creature who took up so little physical space could have such a large influence in my life and leave such a large hole in my heart. In honor of Franklin I will do my best.

Franklin was out of Debi's AKC & BKC CH SARIUS CANDY MAN CAN. Debi occasionally mentioned to me that Franklin was so like his father. I read a description in which Debi stated how Sammy "would draw himself up when surrounded by a group of people/dogs and strut with a little bounce in his step that made him appear to glide on air just above the ground. He was so smooth you'd swear his feet never touched the ground. And he never stopped performing, inside the ring or out." When I read this description, it was as if she was describing Franklin! He did not walk. He pranced everywhere he went. I am sure he made his father proud.

Franklin was always full of confidence and it was an honor to step into the competition ring with him at my side. We were a team and he brought out the best in me. His confidence gave me confidence. He always made it look easy, and with him at my side it was easy. During his career, Franklin earned the following:

  • AKC Companion Dog Title
  • UKC Companion Dog Title
  • AKC Rally Novice Title
  • AKC Rally Advanced Title
  • AKC Rally Excellent Title
  • AKC Rally Advanced Excellent Title

  • During his years of competition Franklin earned one High in Trials, six 1st placements, three 2nd placements, five 3rd placements, two 4th placements, and also a 4th placement in brace competition with his uncle Sarius What A Wally.

    Although it was a wonderful experience competing with Frankie, that is not what made him so special to me and that is not what I will miss. I will miss the little things that made Franklin who he was. Franklin entered our home and our hearts as a little ball of black fur. He approached life in our home as he did every experience, with confidence and joy. Franklin liked to make eye contact and even as a puppy he would look you straight in the eye. This made some people uneasy, but I always found looking into those dark brown pools an opportunity to connect with his spirit. Frankie made our home a happy place. It was impossible not to be swept up in his enthusiasm. He had the heart of a lion and faced every day with a spring in his step. He was a clown. He would lay on his back at the top of a small hill in our back yard and somehow scoot down that hill on his back, growling all the way. It was difficult not to laugh at his silliness. Franklin had what we called his "Joe Theismann" move. He would stand in the back yard and from a distance make eye contact with us and then juke to one side and suddenly run in the opposite direction. The feeling of joy just radiated from him!

    Franklin suffered a back injury at an early age and as a result of monthly physical therapy provided by Dr. Debra Canapp at VOSM was he able to lead a very active life. It always brought a smile to my face as I watched him prance down the hall with the assistant to see Dr. Deb. Then he would come running full force back to me with a smile on his face and Dr. Deb in his wake when he was done with therapy. The first chance he got, he would proceed to take a flying leap from our deck as if doing a swan dive into a swimming pool. He would hit the ground running with the joy of a child who had just jumped into a pool on a hot summer day. My heart was in my throat for fear that he would injure himself. Thank you Dr. Deb for your commitment to our silly boy.

    I was always so proud of Franklin whenever we went for walk and a child would ask to pet him. I knew he would be well mannered and friendly to the little stranger wanting to touch him. He was truly a champion of the breed in so many ways.

    Oh his 13th birthday we celebrated Franklin's life with a get together of his many friends, (canine and human) for a night of festivities. We proudly displayed all of his ribbons, calendars and books and had goodie bags for dogs and cake for their people. Frankie had a great time, wearing his birthday ribbon and working the crowd for as many treats as he could beg.

    Franklin maintained his curiosity and zest for life even into his senior years. In his 15th year he continued to enjoy learning new things and facing new challenges.

    He was excited about learning basic scent work and would search tirelessly for the assigned scent hidden in an identified area.

    In any tribute to Franklin I feel that I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude and respect to those individuals who were dedicated to keeping him healthy and happy though out his 15 years. Although Frankie was generally healthy during most of his life, we did need the expertise of Drs. Bramson and Keane of Catoctin Veterinary Clinic to ensure his quality of life during his senior years. I truly felt that I had my own professional support team in my effort to give back to Franklin as much quality in his senior years as he gave to me throughout his whole life. Thank you Dr. Keane for the endless phone calls and text messages etc. when we needed you for support and advice.

    My sister once said that it seemed as if Franklin and I always knew what each other were thinking. It felt that way to me too. There was a connection between us that made me feel just a little more complete, a connection that leaves me struggling to get to know myself in a different manner in his absence.

    I once said that Franklin was the most intelligent dog I had ever owned but I now realize that this was not entirely true. He owned me. I was blessed to have known him.

    Sarius proudly welcomes a new venue for our schnauzers to compete in. Scent work is a class where dogs learn to identify specific scents. Three Sarius dogs have already passed their first Odor Recognition Test (ORT) using Birch. Pat Sutton's Sarius Pure Whisky (of Blue Ridge K-9) and Sarius Sir Dewey Lewis and Sarius Skip To Fenwick Island owned by Sharon Munshour and Terri Eyer all passed their ORT's in March. I am told the dogs get really excited once they learn to scent and they are very happily wagging tails while they work." Our own Sinnamon started her first class in scenting on March 25th.

    Sadly, Franklin crossed over Rainbow Bridge on May 30, 2013.

    Sarius proudly introduces our newest little Champion,

    Click here to view pedigree.

    Sarius Root-N-Toot-N Rudy earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen Award) on February 26, 2012 at the dog show in Beltsville, MD. He was just 9 months old at the time. Rudy never missed a single cue and the judge remarked how handsome and how sturdily built he is. Rudy is owned by Donna Parzow of Gaithersburg, MD. Donna said everyone raved about Rudy at the show. Congratulations to Donna & Rudy from Sarius! We couldn't be prouder of the two of you!

    New Champion "Gallops to Glory" for a 5 point Major!!!

    CH Sarius Venus De Milo is no longer the newest Champion here at Sarius. Her solid black Sister and Littermate, CH Sarius Galloping to Glory completed the requirements for her AKC Championship November 5th, 2009 in Fitchburg, MA by going Winner's Bitch and Best Of Opposite Sex for a 5 Point Major under Judge Dennis J. Kniola. A special thank you to Joan Huber of Blythewood Kennels and Shawne Imler of Ernheart Kennels for their excellent grooming, conditioning and presentation. And my sincere appreciation to all the Judges who recognized her qualities. And a very special thank you to you, Glory just for being you and for showing the world that a spoiled companion dog can also be a winner!!! Glory has been bred and we expect Puppies for Christmas this year. Click here to view Glory's Championship Certificate.


    Sarius is proud to present it's newest AKC Champion. Venus completed the requirements for her Championship Title on September 11th, 2008 in the Poconos. A very special Thank You to Joan Huber of Blythewood Kennels for her expert grooming and presentation of Venus and to all the Judges who recognised her attributes. Venus was, after all, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. And this little dog is certainly full of love for everyone, and just for life itself.

    5/8/94 to 4/21/08

    How do I begin to tell you about my little black man who touched so many lives? I could talk for decades about how much he enriched our lives and how much he was loved by all. But for fear of loosing my readers I will try to make it brief.

    My very first born puppy out of the first litter I ever whelped was a black male with a perfectly shaped little white goatee. It reminded me of Sammy Davis, Jr. as an elderly man when his beard turned white. So we began calling him, "Sammy" and even though his beard eventually turned as black as the rest of him the name stuck. We registered him as Sarius Candy Man Can because The Candy Man was the only hit single I could remember Sammy Davis, Jr. ever recording and it is one of my personal favorites. The name suited him well because just as I loved to watch Sammy Davis Jr. dance, my Sammy developed a few moves of his own.

    Sammy was out of Hannah Mele's CH Red Oak Blue Chip and my own Abralyns My Sweet Sarah. He managed to earn 6 points toward his AKC Championship from the puppy classes in spite of my poor handling ability, so I sent him out with Joan Huber to finish. Joan told me he was a joy to handle because he was a natural performer and did it all by himself. Those moves I mentioned earlier began at the dog shows. Whenever he was surrounded by a group of people and/or dogs he would draw himself up and strut with a little bounce in his step that made him appear to glide on air just above the ground. He was so smooth you'd swear his feet never touched the ground. And he never stopped performing, inside the ring or out. Even when he became very ill with advanced cancer we took him to South Paws for an ultrasound and he was performing for everyone there. Some of the techs and vets were taking turns moving him on lead up and down a long hallway just to watch him strut. If attitude is everything he had it all.

    Joan finished Sammy in just a couple of weeks. I missed his biggest win in October of 1995 because I was home sick with an inner ear infection and the Doctor would not allow me to travel. Joan called me to say that Sammy won Winner's Dog at the American Miniature Schnauzer Club National Specialty Show held in conjunction with the Montgomery County Terrier Specialty at Temple University in Ambler, PA. I got so excited I was jumping up and down in the hall and fell up against the wall because of my ear infection. Later on I was talking to Dan Kiedrowski who publishes Schnauzer Shorts and he said, "It was a very deserving win." I took that as quite a compliment coming from such an authority on the breed.

    Then the following weekend I was able to witness Sammy winning Best in Sweeps at the Mount Vernon Miniature Schnauzer Club Specialty. That was such fun but I still felt cheated that I had to miss Montgomery weekend.

    Just when I was ready to take Sammy home Joan asked me to allow her to take him to Bermuda with her. She said his coat was still in good shape and it would only take 4 days to put a BKC Championship on him. They loved him there. He went Group 1 each day and at the end of the show he won some sort of special award they give there for Best Terrier in Show. He came home with a total of 20 points in just 4 days and only needed 10 points for a Championship. The real compliment came a year later when Joan returned home again from Bermuda and said they asked where Sammy was. They thought she would be specialing him. I couldn't believe that they remembered my dog! Sammy finished his Championship so quickly that not many people saw him enough to remember him so he was not used extensively at stud. He sired a few litters by some local pets in our area but he was too closely related to my bitches to use him myself. I was really not doing much breeding or showing because my new husband, Martin and I were just getting our lives together at that time and we had other priorities.

    We were happy to get Sammy home again and just let him be a dog. But he was head strong and not easy to raise. He seized every opportunity to escape and go running up the center line of route 51 with me chasing close behind. He would turn around and watch me until I'd get about ten feet from him and then take off running again. He knew no one could catch him. He never really did anything bad. He just wanted to run. Fortunately the traffic was a lot slower on route 51 in those days than it is now. So when AKC allowed Schnauzers to compete in Earth Dog Competitions I took him to a few to check them out. I thought that would be something he'd really enjoy. It was sprinkling rain the whole day the last time we went and the dogs were having a great time doing what they were bred to do. But the groomer in me just wanted to take them all inside and clean them up. Especially the muddy white ones. I decided right then and there that I could not allow my dogs to get that dirty so this was not for us.

    I remember one winter we had a blizzard overnight and Sammy needed to go out first thing in the morning. I opened the back door to show him the snow was deeper than he could reach. So then he ran from door to door thinking the other doors wouldn't be blocked. After showing him there was snow at all the doors and telling him to "Wait!" he got so frustrated he just jumped out the front door and jumped up and down in and out of the snow until he got to a big oak tree where he could stand up and howl for me to come get him. So I had to go wading through the snow in my slippers and pajamas to rescue my boy.

    After several years passed Martin and I realized Sammy was not getting any younger and we still had no puppies out of him so I began looking for a nice show prospect female to buy. I contacted several breeders and told them what I was looking for but I waited and nothing happened. So I went up to Blythewood to look at some black and silver bitches Joan told me she had. They were nice puppies and one had a very impressive pedigree but none of them really "spoke" to me and said, "Take me home." Then Joan told me she had a few nice Black puppies up in her kitchen so I said I'd look at them. She brought out a solid black sister and brother out of her Ch Blythewood Grand Performance and Blythewood My Sunday Best. That puppy bitch had a long elegant arched neck and one of the best heads I'd ever seen on any black puppy. Once I saw her I could not see past her head to anything else. I just had to have her. So she became Blythewood Hope O' Sarius. But before Hope finished her Championship she came in season the second time and Sammy did not seem very interested in her so I thought at 11 years of age there was no need to separate them. A few weeks later Hope began putting on weight and Martin kept telling me she was pregnant. I took her for an ultrasound just to satisfy Martin because I just knew she couldn't be expecting. The ultrasound revealed 6 beating hearts and some of the puppies were moving so we got some great pictures. It was not planned but I was so happy I went home and cooked them both a steak! So Hope had to take a leave of absence from the show arena to have her puppies. I kept two females out of that litter to show. CH Sarius Frosted Midnite Rosebud (B/S) and Sarius Kenya See Me Now (B). Rosebud finished very quickly but Kenya decided she wanted nothing to do with performing so she sat down in the ring and refused to walk....every time! So Kenya was bred to Rich & Sharon Edward's Travis and they gave me an all black litter of 5. If I'd had enough show homes lined up it may have been an all champion litter. But there were two show prospect puppies sold out of that litter. Sarius Mysterious Black Dahlia whom I wish I had kept myself because she was the pick of the litter and has not been shown yet, and Sarius Kalli-For-Ya Dreamin owned by Phil & Terri Kaelin and shown by Shawne Imler. Kalli earned 6 points toward her AKC Championship from the puppy classes and will soon be out again with Shawne to finish. I suppose Sammy knew more than we did because not long after siring this litter his prostate began to enlarge so we went ahead and had him neutered. We hope there is still more of his legacy to come through the use of his frozen semen.

    Martin and I went on a Hawaiian Cruise in February. Sammy had not been eating well and he had slowed down considerably the past couple of years. They took a malignant tumor out of the pad of his right front foot in January but they felt sure they got it all. He refused to eat after we left and got diarrhea that never cleared up. At first we thought he had gotten stressed because we left him at home. But Sammy had lymphoma. It was in his digestive tract and possibly all through him. He lost almost 5 pounds. After running all the tests we could and discussing the options Martin and I decided to put him to rest on Monday, April 21, 2008. He was laid to rest beside his Mother, Sarah who died in January, 2001. Since he was born at home he had never been away from his Mother until she died. They had been inseparable. He grieved and went into a terrible depression for several months after we lost her. So I choose to believe that they are together now running somewhere on the other side of Rainbow Bridge young and healthy once again. Goodbye, my little black man. I will miss you and Sarah until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

    Debi D. Durst
    6546 Middleway Pike  Kearneysville, WV 25430