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Past Accomplishments

CH Sarius Candy Man Can , AKA Sammy, was my very first Champion, whelped 5/8/94. He was also the first puppy I ever whelped which made him special from Day 1. He was a little head strong and quite a challenge to train. But I managed to win a few dog shows myself with him in spite of my poor handling ability. Once he matured and went out with professional handler, Joan Huber, he finished his AKC Championship in just four weekends. He went Best Puppy in Sweepstakes at the Mount Vernon Miniature Schnauzer Club Specialty Show in 1995. He went Best of breed over Specials and had several Group Placements. His most prestigious win was going Winner's dog at the American Miniature Schnauzer Club Specialty Show at the  Montgomery County Terrier Specialty in 1996. There was an entry of over 165 schnauzers that day.  Then he went on with Joan to Bermuda, where it only takes 10 points for a BKC Championship. In just four days he came home with 20 points, the equivalent of two BKC Championships. He went not only Best of Breed each and every day, but also first in the Terrier Group and then went on to win a special award they have there for the best Terrier in Show. I decided at that point I missed my boy and wanted to bring him home to retire and just be a dog. He sired my latest Champion, Sarius Frosted Midnite Rosebud, AKA Rosie, at the age of eleven years. He is thirteen years old now and still in great shape for his age. Even my Veterinarian is impressed with his health and vitality.

I bought Hope, AKC Champion Blythewood Hope O' Sarius , from Joan Huber to breed to my Sammy because he was getting older and I had not kept any of his puppies. She was shown a little as a puppy but then took a leave of absence to be bred to Sammy as he was not getting any younger. At the age of 11, Sammy sired Hope's first litter of 5, two of which became Champions, and one more should have been but she was sold to a pet home because I just could not keep them all. After raising her puppies, Hope went on to reach her Championship on June 4, 2006. She was whelped on April 21, 2004.  Hope's seond litter produced two more Champion females and I am keeping three show potential puppies of her third litter whelped 8/22/07.

This is AKC Champion Sarius Frosted Midnite Rosebud.  She is Sammy & Hope's Daughter and was whelped July 25,2005. Unfortunately, there are not many win shots of Rosie to show you because she finished her Championship so quickly. Once she caught on to what she was supposed to do she won almost every show she entered. She finished her AKC Championship under Judge Peter Green at the Philadelphia Dog Show in Harrisburg, PA on November 19, 2006.


Claudia Weakland, at right, and Kathy Harding who own and love Sarius-Buck-a Roo Franklin, AKA Franklin. On the left is Pat Sutton of Blue  Ridge K-9 Training Center with Sarius What A Wally. In picture at right, Franklin finished in first place and Wally finished in 2nd place. Both won their Novice C titles in Obedience. Franklin's 
accomplishments are listed below and is pictured on left.

Franklin earned his "Rally Advanced Excellent" or "RAE" title on July 22, 2009. In order to achieve this title a dog must qualify in both Advanced and Excellent Competition at the same show on ten different occasions.

  • AKC Campanion Dog Title
  • UKC Campanion Dog Title
  • AKC Rally Novice Title
  • AKC Rally Advanced Title
  • AKC Rally Excellent Title
  • AKC Rally Advanced Excellent Title

While earning these titles he had 2 1st place finishes, 3 2nd place finishes, and 2 3rd place finishes. left to right, Sarius What A Wally and Sarius Ashley Sue . They are owned and loved by Pat Sutton of Blue Ridge K-9 Training Center in Blue Ridge Summit, PA. Some of the pictures Claudia Weakland gave me feature her dog, Sarius Buckaroo Franklin with Wally and also some are of Claudia & Pat Together. Since they train and show together they are being featured together. Here are the accomplishments of Pat's dogs to date:

  • AKC Open
  • UKC Open
  • 2 AKC Utility Legs
  • 1 UKC Utility Leg
  • AKC CD (Companion Dog)
  • UKC CD
  • Canadian CD

Sarius Sir Dewey Lewis is owned and loved by Terri Eyer and Sharon Munshour of Frederick, MD. Terri and Sharon are members of the Blue Ridge K-9 Training Club in Blue Ridge Summit, PA. Dewey has trained at Blue Ridge K-9 Training Center, Cotoctin Kennel Club at Point Of Rocks, MD and Breakaway Dog Training Center in Frederick, MD. Dewey's first time being shown in Rally was a win, with a high score of 97 on his very first trial! He met the requirements for his Rally Novice Title on 10/27/07. The AKC Titles Dewey has earned thus far are as follows:

  • CGC - Canine Good Citizen
  • RN - Rally Novice
  • RA - Rally Advanced

Terri & Sharon have enjoyed Dewey so much the purchased their 2nd Sarius Schnauzer, Sarius Skip To Fenwick Island. Fenwick is a Brother and Littermate to our two newest Sarius Champions, Venus & Glory. Fenwick also trains at Blue Ridge K-9 and Breakaway Action Dog Training Centers. His birthday is 8/22/07 and already he has earned the following AKC Titles:

  • CGC - Canine Good Citizen
  • RN - Rally Novice
  • RA - Rally Advanced

Debi D. Durst
6546 Middleway Pike  Kearneysville, WV 25430
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