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Chloe' was very much loved and owned by Steve Dennis and Satid Thammasitboon of Morgantown, WV. Born May 6, 2009 she was diagnosed with Canine Juvenile Lymphoma of the brain stem at just 8 months of age. This is a very rare form of cancer that will only affect one in ten thousand puppies. To make matters worse, her owners were vacationing and could not get an emergency flight home from Thailand in time to say goodbye to their beloved baby girl. I am so thankful we were able to be with Chloe' and love her in her owner's absence while she was ill.

Chloe' passed away peacefully on January 23, 2010. I asked them to write a Tribute to her for my web site because I thought it would be good therapy for all of us. Here is what they wrote:

Tribute To Chloe'
March 8, 2010

Chloe, you will always be our sweetest little girl. Her full name was Sarius Precious Black Diamond. We picked her up from the wonderful breeders (parents), Debi and Martin. She was with her mommy, Dahlia and five other brothers and sisters. We fell in love with her immediately. We thought she did fall in love with us right away as well. We were nervous parenting her on the first night but she made things so easy for us. She always slept through the night, no crying, no whining at all. She was such a smart girl with beautiful manners. Everybody could not be more impressed with how sweet she was. Our friends always said she was the most content puppy they had ever seen. She was a very intelligent and loving puppy. She was friendly and enjoyed cuddling with everyone. She was very easy to train, and became an AKC Star Puppy. Her next chapter was to become the best therapy dog healing people with her unconditional love.

Our precious memories with her were those simple moments we shared: the time we spent running around our back yard, the outings we had in town, the walk along the trails, the chase up and down the hills, the trips we took together and her first snow fall. She was the life of our Christmas and New Year parties, her first and only holidays. Every single moment was so memorable.

Chloe got sick suddenly after we took the trip to Thailand. We had left her with Debi and Martin, the only two people in the world we would trust to take care of Chloe. Her condition deteriorated very quickly. It nearly killed us not being able to be with her when she was ill. Chloe passed away quickly and very peacefully. Knowing that Chloe got all the love and care she needed during her last days helped us overcome sadness. Debi and Martin embraced Chloe as their own. Chloe spent her last days where she was born, with two most loving souls that brought her into this world.

We miss Chloe every day. A month has passed. We now have more smiles than tears every time we think of her. There are so many good memories, tons of laughter and much love that we will forever keep in our lives, till we meet her again at Rainbow Bridge.

Meet SARIUS Shnuzi the Doogie Shnauser MD!
My name is Shnuzi and I am now 8 months old. I was very fortunate to have been bred by the wonderful Debi (& Martin) Durst. My mother is Fidget. Since birth, I have been a loving companion and working dog. I am training to become a therapy dog. While completing my training, as of now, I have 3 titles in obedience from Dog Sense Unlimited in Rockville, MD, and have received my AKC STAR Puppy title. I am working on receiving my AKC Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, and Canine Good Citizen Urban titles, all alongside an AKC Therapy Dog title. I have exceeded everyone's expectations throughout my training and I am eager and willing to please. My owner is Adrienne Suson, who is a Certified Veterinary Technician (credentials from Bel Rea Institute) and I know I am in good hands with her. I am very agile and love the ball! I have been told that Fly Ball competitions would be right up my alley! I love visiting Debi and all of my family members every year at our annual SARIUS Schnauzer BBQ. I highly recommend the SARIUS family, as they are one of a kind! All of these pups are bred with love and a huge support system from the very beginning! Debi comes highly recommended and is always there whenever you need her! We love being a part of the SARIUS family!

After loosing my most wonderful, faithful friend in December 2010, I had no intentions of ever owning another dog. Seven months later while sitting at my computer, for some reason I typed in miniature schnauzer breeders in WV and hit search, Debi's website came up, I clicked on puppies for sale, and the rest is history. I now have the most precious little boy, his name is Zack, what a joy he is.

Seeing Debi's schnauzers for the first time, I could tell the kind of love and devotion Debi has given to this breed.

I have only known Debi and her husband Martin for a couple of months, but they have become wonderful friends. I would recommend Debi's schnauzers to anyone.

Thank you Debi and Martin for doing what you do!

Steve and I wanted another dog; however, we were reluctant to start over with a puppy. A good friend recommended I consider a Miniature Schnauzer because of their great dispositions- and added that the only person she would recommend adopting from was Debi because of the extra special love and treatment (to include medical) she and Martin give their dogs- or "children" would be more accurate. I went down to talk to Debi and was immediately impressed with how important all of her "children" are to her and the extent she goes to make sure they are healthy and well-cared for.

Debi has a feel for people and offered her 3-year old Champion, Rosie, to us for adoption. This was a perfect situation for us. But more importantly, Debi felt it was the perfect situation for Rosie. Since Rosie had just had such a tough pregnancy, she wanted to find a home with someone who would have her spayed. Debi could have gotten quite a bit more for her if she would have sold her to another breeder, but the money was not important compared to Rosie's health and happiness.

Because Debi socialized her so well, Rosie fit in right away at our home and is very happy. It has been a month now and we cannot imagine life without our little Rosie. We follow all of Debi's instructions so that Rosie continues to be healthy. I would never go to anyone other than Debi to adopt a Miniature Schnauzer. It is so obvious that she is not doing all the work she does for the little she makes from breeding- she is doing it out of love and the betterment of the breed. Thanks, Debi, for making us so happy.

Susan and Steve Haines
Hagerstown, MD

I have known Debi and Martin for 18years. Every year they have a Pig Roast and all the people they have sold Schnauzers to all come. When you see all the people that have thier dogs it is the greatest testimonial for Debi as a breeder. She and Martin are the most caring and honest people you'd ever want to meet. I finally had the honor to get one of Debi's puppies. As you can see by his picture,he is the love of our lives. His name is Rudy. Words can't say enough how I feel about Debi and Martin.

Donna & Howard Parzow
Gaithersburg, MD

I am the owner of Blue Ridge K-9 Training Center in Blue Ridge Summit, PA and have been an obedience instructor/trainer and dog behaviorist for over twenty-five years.

My first encounter with Debi was when she brought Sarah for Puppy Kindergarten Class. Debi and Sarah went on through Puppy Basic and Novice and Sarah did so well I asked Debi to place me on her waiting list for Sarah's first litter. Having owned a few Schnauzers previously, I was very impressed with Sarah.

I bought a small female we named Ashley who lived only to please me. I put several obedience titles on Ashley, including CD's (Companion Dog) in AKC, UKC and Canada, Open in AKC and UKC and 2 legs on her Utility Dog Title (UD). I loved her so much that I bought a second dog from Debi a few years later. This time it was a larger male we named Wally. I put two Novice Titles on Wally so far.

Debi's dogs are so laid back and affectionate. She loves nurtures and trains them from birth. Sarius Schnauzers are more intelligent and the trainability factor goes unsurpassed. Debi works very hard to breed away from the diseases that plague Schnauzers and I will never buy a schnauzer from anywhere else. I can't say enough about Debi as a breeder or about the quality of Sarius Schnauzers.

Pat Sutton
Blue Ridge Summit, PA

We adopted our first Miniature Schnauzer from Debi Durst in March of 2007, and our life has never been the same! My parents had two Mini's over the years, which is where I became accustomed to the breed. I loved the breed because they were nice little dogs, didn't shed and a nice size for being a house pet.

Our little fellow, Storm, has SO much personality and loves to play that he gives us laughs from start to finish of our day! We always had larger dogs, but even my husband admits he has never had a dog quite like him. He tells people that Storm does all the things that people think dogs should do. He plays with toys and fetches his ball, he is all about having fun and watching over his family. He has a favorite game that we call the "treat game" where we spread out about 100 feet, we each have treats (mostly apple), we let him loose, and he runs back and forth between us until the treat runs out. He is having fun and getting exercise. It is a favorite game of his, and we swear he looks like he is smiling as he runs toward us! Not only is he smart and funny, but a fine looking Schnauzer with a beautiful head and line, and the cocky attitude you would expect to go with such good looks.

The thing we found amazing with Debi was all of her Schnauzer "family" were pleasant and loving dogs, as well as good looking. We can't say enough about our little guy. We will have more Durst Schnauzers--WARNING: DURST SCHNAUZERS CAN BE ADDICTIVE!

May Family
Hagerstown, MD

I purchased a Miniature Schnauzer puppy from Debi Durst. Debi came highly recommended as a wonderful person and breeder. My puppy is beautiful, alert and smart just like her parents.

Debi raises her pups with loving care and kindness. When you get one of Debi's pups they are very well adjusted and healthy. I would recommend Debi to anyone who is looking for a precious Miniature Schnauzer puppy.

Terri Mandell

If you are looking for a wonderful schnauzer breeder, you came to the right place! Sarius' schnauzers are bred for health and temperament. Debi is very selective in her breeding. Debi always takes the time to answer any questions. You are treated like family from the moment you meet. Not only is Debi a wonderful breeder, but a great dog groomer as well. A Sarius schnauzer would make a nice addition to any family.

Teddy (left with Tucker on the right), just achieved his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and Therapy Dog Certifications at the tender age of 17 months.

Kelly & Neal Colvard
Kearneysville, WV.

Thanks to your professional breeding skills and the special postnatal care he received, he has the sweetest temperament (with people and dogs) and is very bright and intuitive. A wonderful pet, thanks to Sarius.

Anna pictured with Willie
Anna & Ed Lenz
Alexandria, VA.

When we bought our dog from Sarius Miniature Schnauzers we received a pleasant and unexpected surprise in Debi Durst (breeder, groomer, mentor and friend).

Debi's breeding expertise is demonstrated in the quality of her dogs. Kalli hails from tremendous pedigree and a long line of champions. She has a sweet and lovable disposition. She is exceptionally bright, curious, and eager to please.

Debi truly loves "her" dogs and each time we visit, we're reminded (by Kalli), that they love her too. For Debi, breeding schnauzers is more than a profession for her it's "her calling". So if you're looking for an extraordinary dog, visit this extraordinary lady.

Phil & Teri Kaelin
Germantown, MD

After losing a Salt and Pepper Min. Schnauzer that I had for 12 1/2 years named Skippy, I started to look again for another Schnauzer. I saw an ad in the Washington Post for Schnauzers. I spoke to Debi and she sent me pictures of her litters. It was a hard choice but I saw one little fella that was so cute and looked like a little black bear. Debi said he was her favorite and she called him Scrappy. Scrappy he was and still is 2 years later; however we called him Dewey after our favorite beach.

Debi is a great person and breeder. She has a lot of knowledge and experience with Schnauzers. She is also the best groomer I have ever used.

It is always like a homecoming when we take Dewey to Debi for a haircut. Debi and her husband Martin care so much for all their dogs and treat them as if they were their children. I am so pleased with Dewey that I have an order in for another puppy. Debi's dogs come with a life time guarantee. I would not get a Schnauzer from any other place except Sarius. You know you are getting a healthy dog with a lot of personality. Debi and Martin even have a home coming for all their dogs once a year. It is a great time and the pig roast is yummy!!

Terri Eyer and Sharon Munshour
Frederick, MD.

We met Debi and Martin by chance in October of 1998 having lost a much loved miniature black schnauzer to old age 2 days before. Sarius Blackberry Vine "Vinnie" joined our family and was renamed Chancellor because we found him by "chance". Chance is the sweetest, most lovable schnauzer. Although, we never showed him we are frequently asked when traveling and staying in hotels if we are "there for show".

Susan & Jeffrey Mottern
Hummelstown, PA.

Every time we take Buzz out in the yard a neghbor or somebody else will happen by and have to adore him. We just love this pup, he is so much enjoyment and entertaining as all get out. Our next door neighbors cannot get over Buzz's temperament and how quiet he is. I told him if he would get one of these he can't go wrong.

Ron and Janet Norford
Chambersburg, PA.

This is our little girl, Kenya, AKA Sarius Kenya See Me Now. We bought her from Sarius Miniature Schnauzers in 2006. She is the best gift we have ever received, and she is truly a gift that keeps on giving. No matter how bad our day has gone, when we come home to our little "black beauty", we get an instant mood adjustment. We love this dog more than some people love their children. She is a real treasure! We cannot imagine life without her. JUST A SIDE NOTE: The plus with Sarius Breeders is you get Debi and Martin Durst along with their superior Miniature Schnauzers. We find this to be an invaluable asset.

Jo & Vicki Arnold
Hagerstown, MD.

"I purchased Franklin (Sarius Buck-A-Roo Franklin) from Debbie 9 years ago. When I think about the last 9 years that he has shared my life it is very difficult to to describe. How can I actually put on paper the love and joy that he has given to me? I could go into detail about the obedience titles that he has not only earned but earned with many many high placements. But I think that it suffices to say he is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned and allow his accomplishments speak for themselves. Perhaps more important to me is his personality that no one can forget once they meet him. Franklin is in love with life and it is hard not to have this exuberance spill over to everyone around him. People can never believe that he is actually nine years old....even his vet has said this. He is a very devoted companion. He is my friend."

Claudia Weakland & Kathy Harding
Carroll Valley, PA.

Debi D. Durst
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